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The Golf Course


Over R1m has been spent on upgrading course equipment to ensure the course is kept in excellent condition. Ongoing changes are also being made to the course eg. new bunkers, lengthening of the tees, tree planting etc..The course is flat and easy to walk but has a few challenging holes that require straight driving. The feature hole is the 16th with a +/-180m. carry over the river dog-legging left to a well bunkered raised green.


The Golf Course


This 18 hole Par 72 course measures in at a relatively short 5,593 metres of the regular tees. On a still day, the course can offer up opportunities for excellent scoring. As with most off coastal courses however, the wind speed and direction can cause the course to play drastically different from one day to another and several dog-legs and river crossings make this course a delightful test of golfing capabilities.




Men: 449m – Par 5 – Stroke 12 Ladies: 426m – Par 5 – Stroke 4


A lovely opening hole from an elevated tee with views all the away to the green.  A generous fairway slopes from the left and flattens out on the right.  Trees guard the right with a fairway bunker to catch the longer hitters. You will be well advised to favour the left side on your approach shot as the ball tends to kick right if you land just short of the green. A good opportunity to start your round with a solid par.


Hole 2: ALBIZA


Men: 332m – Par 4 – Stroke 10 Ladies: 259mm – Par 4 – Stroke 12


After a heart pounding climb to the elevated tee (for the walking golfers at least) one is presented with a daunting view of a narrow fairway below bordered by thick bush on the left and two large trees on the right. A deceptively tricky hole which always makes club selection of the tee an interesting decision. The small green is well protected by bunkers, trees and slopes and a par on this risk and reward hole is never a bad result.




Men: 331m – Par 4 – Stroke 6  Ladies: 292m – Par 4 – Stroke 6


A relatively straightforward hole requires a drive that carries the Mbekodweni River onto a wide yet rising fairway. The large green has a false front which often causes approach shots to stop short and the three green side bunkers await any misdirected shots.




Men: 171m – Par 3 – Stoke 8 Ladies: 121m – Par 3 – Stroke 16


A good testing short hole. The green is well protected by slopes that will cause slightly miscued shots to funnel into greenside bunkers. The green slopes from back to front and some tricky putts await depending on the hole location. Probably the unlikeliest of the Par 3s to experience that perfect fluke!




Men: 329m – Par 4 – Stroke 14 Ladies: 261m – Par 4 – Stroke 14


A deceptively difficult hole if you miss the fairway as thickish rough and trees can block your approach.  Longer hitters are adevised to use no more than 3 Wood off the tee.  A long bunker awaits any short approach shot on the left. A flat green offers up many birdie opportunities .




Men: 333m – Par 4 – Stroke 2 Ladies: 324m – Par 4 – Stroke 2


This hole certainly deserves it’s ranking as one of the toughest holes on the course. A drive in the fairway is a must even if a bit shorter than you would like. The hole doglegs to the right with an environmentally sensitive area running down the left and difficult rough on the right. There are also trees and bushes on the right to add to your frustration. The approach to the green is fraught with danger on the left (a lateral hazard) and a clump of trees on the right. The green is fairly innocuous but hitting it is the big test!




Men: 111m – Par 3 – Stroke 18 Ladies: 97m – Par 3 – Stroke 18


A welcome relief awaits one on this hole.  A simple short iron will carry the river to a huge green with no trouble left or right.  Short or long are both very bad.  There is the task of putting either down or up a vicious slope should you choose the wrong plateau.  Three putts are not uncommon here so be sure of your distance from the tee.




Men: 454m – Par 5 – Stoke 16 Ladies: 403m – Par 5 – Stroke 8


A fairly tight drive is required with the river and several large rubber trees beckoning on the left and a significant slope on the right.  The hole doglegs left to a flat wide fairway where a third shot or pitch is required to a flattish green. A well placed tee-shot will often yield birdies and pars but sneaky little bunkers surround the green which can cause one or two slight problems.




Men – 347m – Par 4 – Stroke 4 Ladies: 304m – Par 4 – Stroke 10


A great test to bring the outward nine to an end. A straight drive is a must with trees and thick rough bordering both sides of a reasonably narrow fairway. Many a promising score has been ruined by the steep downslope behind the small green. A flattish green will reward a well struck putt, which can then be followed up with some very welcome refreshments at the half-way house and perhaps even the pub!




Men – 439m – Par 5 – Stroke 11 Ladies: 348m – Par 5 – Stroke 7


After some welcoming refreshments you are faced with a very interesting par 5. The fairway is flanked by the driving range on the right and the green-keeper’s shed on the left, whilst a nasty fairway bunker in the right-centre of the fairway waits to welcome a miss placed shot. Whilst this hole represents a definite birdie opportunity for the longer hitters, it can prove to be a real strategic challenge for the shorter hitters who will need to also navigate the river that crosses the hole about 80 metres short of the green. A unique risk and reward par 5! Just like the 6th hole there is an environmentally sensitive area that runs along the left hand side of the fairway as you approach the bridge, and continues once you have crossed over the river.




Men: 312m – Par 4 – Stroke 15 Ladies: 286m – Par 4 – Stroke 15


Possibly the easiest par 4 on the course with a wide fairway and a relatively unprotected green. Anything worse than a par on this hole should be seen as a disappointment on most days.




Men: 364m – Par 4 – Stoke 7    Ladies: 332m – Par 4 – Stroke 5


The start of what some call the Toti "Amen Corner". This hole can really punish errant shots and a straight drive is important as the approach is guarded by a tall casuarina tree on the left of the green and a row of trees on the right.  Some difficult pin positions can cause havoc with your scoreboard.




Men: 400m – Par 4 – Stroke 13 Ladies: 332m – Par 4 – Stroke 3


One of the longest par 4's on the coast, especially into the breeze, this slight dogleg-right will challenge any golfer. The fairway is guarded by more casuarinas on both sides of the fairway and a bamboo thicket is cleverly placed on the right. It is wise to favour the left hand side off the tee but beware the out of bounds which can be deceptively easy to find! Apart from the sheer length of this hole, the green is also extremely tricky as it has three tiers and is approximately 30m long! A par often feels like a birdie here!




Men: 381m – Par 4 – Stroke 5 Ladies: 283m – Par 4 – Stroke 9


The last hole of the "Amen Corner" but certainly not the easiest! A tight driving hole which is bordered by the river on the left and bamboos on the right favours a gentle draw off the tee. The green is exceptionally challenging to hit, with a 30 metre long “Hell Bunker” on the front-left and another more generous sand trap on the right.




Men: 146m – Par 3 – Stoke 17 Ladies: 135m – Par 3 – Stroke 17


A straight forward one-shotter to a flat green, guarded by strategically placed bunkers which are just, calling out for you to make a much needed par. Just be wary, the wind will make club selection slightly tricky!




Men: 358m – Par 4 – Stroke 3 Ladies: 244m – Par 4 – Stroke 1


White knuckle time again! A reasonably lengthy carry over the river is required on this dogleg-left par 4.  Drive your ball too far right and you could join those practicing on the driving range (out of bounds!).  The raised green offers no real surprises for those putting, but missing the green will challenge anyone’s short game skills. This hole deserves it's low stroke rating when the North Easterly is blowing and many a match play game has been won or lost on this beaut of a hole!




Men: 156m – Par 3 – Stroke 9 Ladies: 138m – Par 3 – Stroke 11


A picturesque hole where one looks straight out to sea over the green. The wind direction and speed will once again dictate the nature of this par 3, with two bunkers and a lateral water hazard lying in wait for any off-line tees shots. The two-tier green can cause putting to be extremely tricky and a three-putt is unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence.




Men: 406m – Par 5 – Stroke 17 Ladies: 361m – Par 5 – Stroke 13


Not many courses have a tee box virtually on the beach! The view from the tee box is panoramic and really a sight to behold. Unfortunately, this is usually soon forgotten when the time comes to line up your drive. Another risk and reward Par 5 which allows a player to take a risk by cutting the corner of the dogleg-left. Out of bounds stakes all down the right and a lateral water hazard on the left make the approach shot to a slightly perched green on the edge of the lagoon a great challenge! On most occasions, a small gallery will be observing from the clubhouse or lapa, just to tense things up even a little more. Thousands of stories exist about how this short par 5 either destroyed or made a great round of golf, making it a fantastic finishing hole to a truly fun-filled test of golf!


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